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Professional two way
TC-700 Professional two-way portable radio

wide band coverage 138-174 , 420-470 MHz
HDC2400 - HDC1200 signalling
VHF 5 watt, UHF 4 watt   -   16 channels (3.5 Watt ATEX)
Built in scrambler
Man down / lone worker /safety check
available in ATEX (Ex II 2G EEx ib IIB T3) intrinsically safe version
TM-600/610 Professional mobile radio

wide band coverage  VHF or UHF
HDC2400 - HDC 1200 signalling
power 25 watt  8 or 128 canaux (610)
Built in scrambler
Lone worker / ignition sense / versatile scan / built in modem
TM-800 MPT1327 trunked mobile radio

Wide band coverage VHF or UHF
2 line alphanumeric or symbol display
power 50 watt VHF or 45 Watt UHF  -  512 channels
Built in scrambler
Auto transpond - Ignition sense - Multi language - stun/revive
versatile scan - short messaging - DTMF - built in modem
TR-800 conventional base station / repeater

coverage VHF or UHF
channel capacity : 512
power 25/50 watt VHF - 45 Watt UHF
Duplex operation
operating voltage : 86 - 246 VAC - 13.8 VDC
Real time scan
Time out timer
TS-6500 Wireless Dispatch and Patrol system

Supports HDC1200 and HDC2400 signalling. Fully compatible
with MDC1200 signalling.
Individual call, group call, zone call, broadcast.
Real time display connect and disconnect code.
Monitoring activities by user ID and user name.
Digital recording making audio files by record beginning
time,end time,user ID.
Real time display of emergency information by terminals.
Allows to check if terminal is in operation mode.
Kill/revive terminals.
Transmit call alerts to notify users to call back.
PSTN/PABX access and interactive voice respond.
Supports switching among multi channels.
Can be used with repeater for flexible networking.
Dynamic or real time display and record of patrol information.
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